G.A Bhilare Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
In Association with Revell Creations Pvt. Ltd




Website Design & Development

Basic SEO

Our Client

Revell Creations Pvt. Ltd., one of our Associates, referred us to the client. G.A. Bhilare Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a multinational engineering firm. With four decades of experience in the Civil Engineering Industry, they have the knowledge to meet all of their clients and the construction industry's needs.

The Goal

Modern UI website based on their firm's colour scheme and domain where they can present their portfolio and vast range of experience to prospective clients, with basic SEO to rank at the top anytime their company name is searched. As a Web design and development firm, Whizoid's objective is to construct a responsive website with a variety of portfolios that maintains a corporate and contemporary user interface based on the colour scheme.

Our Approach

Whizoid Studio designed and developed a comprehensive website for G.A. Bhilare Consultants Pvt. Ltd. We began working during the phase of site discovery. To build a vision for the creation of the website, it is necessary to do research, set goals, verify assumptions, and specify requirements. Using the knowledge obtained from these sessions, Whizoid's web design and development team built a matrix of the client's necessary Features and Functionality (F&F). We sought to utilize a reliable platform for the website and administrative interface and began developing from there. According to their team's directions, we generated the designs and implemented them in the Backend and Frontend construction of the website.


The effective introduction of G.A. Bhilare Consultants Pvt. Ltd.'s new website contributed to the expansion of their firm. Their team and their customers enjoyed the website's improved user interface. Using the diverse selection of portfolios separated by criteria, they could present the portfolio to any of their clients.